About BodyLink


I started my health career by obtaining a Bachelor of Health Science from AUT and became a registered nurse, first in the hospital on the wards and then moved out into community nursing. Although I loved working with and caring for my patients, I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of results and answers for people’s health needs.

I was introduced to the Neurological Integration System (NIS) by a friend and colleague in the health field. As I had suffered significant back problems myself, and had tried everything for it, I was amazed at the results after just a few sessions. I liked the fact that NIS works from the principles of neuroscience and achieves results for patients.

I went to Australia to study NIS and have been a NIS Practitioner since 2005. I am deeply passionate about my patients’ health and am committed to helping them achieve the goals they desire for their health needs.

In 2013 I completed my studies in Neuro-Developmental Delay (NDD) with The Institute of Neuro-Physiological Psychology. I have a real passion to see children reach their full potential. I am so excited to be able to use the INPP programme, as well as the NIS for children and adolescents who are experiencing any sort of learning difficulty, and seeing dramatic life changing results.

I work closely in conjunction with a sound therapist, Glynis Brummer of Smart Learning Solutions, for children and teenagers who have difficulty with auditory processing.

I love and am passionate about what I do and being able to offer people a different approach to their health needs that works and gives great results.

The initial appointment takes 1 hourwhere a complete body
assessment and treatment is
carried out


Digestive Pain

Michelle went the extra mile to come to the result of discovering I had a gluten intolerance. I had suffered for a long time with this complaint, but have not had any problems with that again.


Asthma and Migraines

Attending the BodyLink Clinic has changed my life. The level of service is outstanding and I highly recommend the treatment offered at BodyLink.

G. Brummer