Knee injury

Written by S. Schreuder

I went to see Michelle at BodyLink for treatment of a meniscus cartilage tear in my right knee. I had been seen by physios and a surgeon who suggested I have surgery. This was something I wanted to avoid if I could but felt it was taking a long time to improve. Along with resting the knee I had a few treatments with Michelle and found my knee improved dramatically over the course of a couple of months. I managed to avoid surgery and have had a full soccer season on the knee with no further complications! I was really impressed with the work Michelle did and feel it made a huge difference in my recovery!

Asthma and migraines

Written by G. Brummer

Before my consultation with Michelle at BodyLink, I had suffered for many years with severe asthma, migraine headaches and hormonal imbalances. On many occasions, I had to be hospitalised because my asthma was so bad. The migraine headaches were so bad that I usually needed Pethidine injections to control the pain. These bouts left me unable to function properly for about 2-3 days afterward. The hormonal imbalances also had unpleasant side effects. I had consulted a number of doctors and specialists and was taking a variety of different medications.

I was so tired of not feeling well and I wasn’t happy taking the prescribed medication. I heard about BodyLink and decided to give it a try and the results have been amazing. My asthma is now under control and I have not been in hospital since. I haven’t had a severe migraine headache for more than a year. As soon as I feel a headache starting I make an appointment and the treatment helps to prevent it from developing further. The hormonal imbalances have also been corrected and I no longer need Hormone Replacement Therapy. I still use my preventer medication for asthma each day, but the need for Prednisone and hospitalisation has been significantly reduced. I am delighted that my medications have been able to be reduced and my general health has improved. I have more energy and it is wonderful to feel well again.

Attending the BodyLink Clinic has changed my life. Michelle is understanding and knowledgeable. The level of service is outstanding and I highly recommend the treatment offered at BodyLink.

Bed wetting

Written by J. Davies

My 6-year-old daughter had a problem with wetting her bed, I had tried various ways to remedy this problem, but nothing was working. A friend of mine introduced me to BodyLink and I went to see Michelle. Michelle was great with my daughter and has really helped with the bedwetting – it used to occur on a weekly basis, however, after visiting with Michelle on a few occasions, my daughter has only had one or two incidents since our first visit. I even visit Michelle myself now, she keeps me healthy! My husband has also started with BodyLink to help with his sleeping difficulties. I would recommend you visit Michelle if you would like friendly and professional help.

Groin injury

Written by D. Blair

It’s normal to feel skeptical about these types of treatments. I definitely was. As part of the healthcare community, I’ve seen a lot of health practitioners promise miracle cures for all manner of ailments.

In October 2007, as part of a boot camp-style training session for the Auckland half-marathon, I suffered a nasty groin strain during an intense sprint exercise. It was critical that I complete the training and stay on course for race day.

My wife recommended BodyLink as a treatment and after only my first visit I felt an improvement in my mobility. After a second visit, I was back to 90% flexibility and by my third, I was definitely back to 100%, without having to sacrifice my training schedule at all.

I whole-heartedly believe that BodyLink got me back to my full potential sooner than any other treatment could have and I am happy to recommend Michelle and BodyLink as a treatment to athletes of all abilities.

Digestive pain

Written by Nancye

Michelle helped with my ongoing digestive pain and went the extra mile to come to the result of discovering I had a gluten intolerance. I suffered for a long time with this complaint, but now I have not had any problems with that again.

Stiff neck

Written by Elizabeth

If anyone is thinking about having a treatment with Michelle I would like to encourage you. Four of my family members have had treatments with her and all of us have been very satisfied with the results. Among other things we have had amazing results with our complaints of persistent itching, stiff neck, a knee injury, long time aches and pains in joints and back, improved ability to study and retain information, long term gut problems are being resolved. My husband even stopped snoring after treatment with Michelle! Now we are both sleeping better.

Amazing results

Written by Nevenka

We had amazing results with our daughter’s bowels after seeing Michelle. She also provided great advice on vitamins and supplements for myself and my girls – just a text away! Michelle is very professional, passionate and full of knowledge and experience. I would highly recommend her.

Sore throat

Written by Riley

We came to Michelle for my 8-year-old daughter who was unwell with a severe sore throat, seeking an alternative medical treatment as I didn’t want her to go on antibiotics. Michelle was so thorough, using NIS, cleared the virus and boosted her immune system. We have been seeing Michelle regularly, NIS is helping my daughters reading, making important brain connections, we have noticed such a breakthrough, I highly recommend following through this treatment!