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Neurological Integration System (NIS)

At BodyLink, we delve deep to uncover the root causes behind your symptoms and health concerns. Our holistic approach addresses your entire body, not just isolated issues. By recognizing the intricate connections between bodily systems, we help to pave the way for healing and lasting well-being.

Book a free consultation with us today to uncover the underlying causes of your condition and start your journey towards full body healing.

Boosting Physical, Emotional and Mental Health Naturally

The system is designed to support you and your loved ones through various health needs. Whether you or a family member are experiencing any of the following concerns, we're here to provide assistance.


Additionally, we address many other health-related matters:

  • Structural: Spinal health, muscle tension, tendon and ligament support, and joint well-being.

  • Physical: Boosting immune function, promoting digestive wellness, enhancing respiratory health, supporting heart health, and managing chronic conditions.

  • Pathological: Combating infections, including viral, bacterial, and fungal infections.

  • Neurological: Addressing learning difficulties, recovering from concussions, managing ADHD, and promoting cognitive health.

  • Hormonal: Supporting fertility, promoting female health, balancing thyroid function, and optimizing hormonal balance.

  • Emotional: Providing support for anxiety, depression, and other emotional well-being concerns.

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How Does The Neurological Integration System (NIS) Work?

Identifying Disruptions: The Role of Muscle Testing

Through specialized muscle testing, we pinpoint areas where communication pathways have faltered. This assessment enables us to address the underlying issues contributing to your symptoms, empowering your body to regain balance and alleviate discomfort. We stimulate a defined area of the brain, the post central gyrus, while making contact with the affected part of the body. This area of the brain acts as the "receive and dispatch" center, coordinating sensory information and facilitating healing responses.


When the skin is touched, receptors send sensations via neural pathways to the post central gyrus. This process allows for the recognition of touch, form, and spatial awareness, engaging with these neural pathways activates the brain's natural healing mechanisms. 

Restoring Function: The NIS Treatment Protocol

By the stimulation of specific brain areas and addressing corresponding body regions, we initiate the process of restoration. Think of it as a comprehensive tune-up for your body's systems, ensuring optimal function and vitality.

What to Expect During Treatment

Your journey to wellness begins with a thorough assessment and treatment session, typically lasting one hour. Follow-up treatments, scheduled based on your progress, provide ongoing support and guidance. This takes typically around 30 minutes and is scheduled 2-3 weeks apart. 

Once the original complaint is resolved, check ups every 3-6 months are recommended to maintain your body’s peak performance, preventing further issues from arising.

BodyLink Consultation

Here From Our Clients:

"As a family we have been seeing Michelle for over 7 years. We have always found her to be friendly, warm and able to treat the various health and learning issues that have arisen over the years for us and our kids.


We love that there is an alternative to main stream medical care and have seen great results. 

Michelle has a wealth of knowledge about the body, supplements and this form of treatment. 

We regularly recommend Michelle and NIS to our family and friends."

- The Johnston Family

Ready to embark on your path to optimal health?

Contact Michelle today to take the first steps in unlocking your body’s innate healing ability through the power of the mind to body connection and NIS.

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BodyLink is located in the beautiful coastal area of Orewa, Auckland. Treatments are by appointment only.

If you would like more information about what I do or how I can help, please call me today.

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